August 29, 2012

Quilt 14: adding just one more border

Here's the design for quilt 14 (friend Julie's civil war prints):
I've already made a few changes to the design (with Julie's approval) but am finding one more that seems wise: the borders in the original design (the large band on the outer edge) was originally to be red. But... hm... No.

We went shopping and found this fabric:
We had the top with us at the time and agreed it would be a nicer, more subdued border instead of the red border. And here it is, sewn to the edge of the original top. This photo makes the colours look a little off... but that's just the camera. The border actually melds really well - definitely better than the red would ever have been.
And here's the fabric Julie wanted as backing for the quilt:

I think she chose wisely and, as you may have noticed, this print is in the blue blocks on the top - so the theme is transferred to the back.

The only problem I saw with her choice of backing is the fact that this wavy-line print would be IMPOSSIBLE to use if we had to have more than just one width of the callico. Those wavy lines would NEVER match up well. Fortunately, the width of  the callico suited her as a max width for the quilt - and so off we go!

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