November 14, 2012

When I Win the Lottery...

More about that shop in Florida:
Back behind the area where their clearance/bargain fabrics are, I saw this:

Not sure what you are looking at? Have a closer look:

It's a "longarm" quilting machine.

In addition to all the fabric, books, patterns, and doo-dads, this shop also offers professional quilting.

Oh... what a fantasy! Think about it!  Wouldn't it be GRAND to have one of these babies? OOOOOO!

I makes my head spin to think how FAST I could crank through my UFO closet and churn out heaps of lovely quilts at lightening speed. Now, to be honest, I do think there are some quilt designs that just look nicer hand-stitched, even with my horrible, sloppy, fat stitches. But then again, I've seen so many that look lovely with tight swirlees and machine-done patterns.

So I had a little look to see what these things cost and...



After the smelling salts revived me, I decided that when I win Tatts Lotto, I'll get one. Of course I'll have to buy a new house, too, as there isn't really any place here to set up such a huge working area - but with Tatts Lotto winnings in my bank account, maybe I can convert our garage into a workroom and put my long arm in there. Along with an armed guard.

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