January 16, 2013

Proud To Be A Bad Influence

My good friend Jen has been a great supporter of my quilting habit, cheering me on over the last couple of years. She's also been very encouraging about this blog, often emailing me to remark about something I've said here.

She's been saying for some time that she's been inspired to try her hand at quilting - and guess what...


Have a look at this - her first ever quilt (click the picture to see a larger image): 

How's that for a first project? Pretty amazing, I'd say! I'm so proud of her - and tickled to think I may have been a "bad influence" on her.

She's moved on to her second project, finished the top for that one a little over a week ago. She's planning to try her hand at machine quilting

(and thank you for allowing me to put this picture up) 

Oh... and notice the little antique rocking chair she's draped her project over? THAT's also one of her projects - she does wood work, and repaired the chair last year - is there anything she can't do?

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