June 5, 2013

Quilt 16: DONE!

Once I got the "snowball blocks" for this one done (the center of the quilt), it didn't take long at all to finish this top. All that was left was a succession of border strips. Here's the design I was working from:


I seem to have formed the tradition of photographing my projects draped over the stairwell - so here it is:


And this is what it looks like on a bed.

I email'd these photos to Katherine and asked her if she was pleased - she was. I offered to add another narrow border around the edges (there wasn't enough red, but there was plenty of the soft grey left over).  She declined (and I agreed). 

And now, here's a mystery: The original design called for the finished quilt to be 80" x 82". The actual size is 78" x 78". I can account for some of that. I always add a one-inch border to the outside of any quilt design to simulate the binding. SO... that accounts for the quilt going from "80" to "78". But what happened to the 82"? I have no idea.

I've measured and thunk this over so many times my brains hurt. I just don't know.

No matter - Katherine and her partner are happy with it as it is. THAT's what is most important.

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