August 28, 2013

Talent in Colorado - Part 3 of 3

Yes - I saved the best for last.

This one is so amazing that it seems to me Rob has gone beyond "quilter" and into "textile artist".

Look at the lovely piece in it's entirety - notice the edging - simple cream blocks forming side border.  And just as with his other pieces, the overall unity - with colours spread evenly around the top.

Here's a closeup. Notice the rounded sides - all rolled and delicately pinched up. And look at the tiny, fine points in each of those centers - just amazing to me that someone could do that.  Honestly... I have no idea how this is done (I'll have to look it up in my quilting books).  You can bet I won't be attempting this kind of block - not with my all-thumbs approach to quilting.
Again we see some of the same prints as in his other pieces.  I especially like the little block in the center of the photo below - the one with the sheet music print - adorable!

And the back - so simple, so very simple and so "right".
Many thanks to Rob for allowing me to photo a few of his quilts and share them.  He's got heaps more, of course, heaps.

I'm telling ya - there's a VERY talented man in Colorado.... Wow.

(Update as of Sept. 4: My good friend and quilting guru Pauline tells me this quilt is an example of "cathedral window" blocks.)

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