September 11, 2013

Quilt 13: Japanese Table Runner - DONE!

Once I got serious about this project I was surprised - REALLY surprised - at how quickly I was able to finish it. There's not a huge amount of hand quilting on this, and it's only straight lines (and not many of those), so once the thing was sandwiched, it was done in a flash! Here we are: sewing on the binding:

And here's the finished product, draped over the stairwell rail, draped so you can see the front and back:
And here it is in it's final place - a little table in the hallway (I'm going to paint the table black later this spring, it will look much, MUCH nicer after I do that): 

I've never done a table runner before. It was an immensely satisfying project from the standpoint of creativity, speed and results.  Hm... I'll have to do more of these. I've got some Christmas prints stashed away, and maybe those would do well as table runners...?


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