February 7, 2018

Quilt 101: Indigenous Zig-Zag

About 5 years ago, on one of my trips to the US, I picked up a fabulous quilt pattern at "The Quilt Place" in Rockledge, Florida.  Here's a photo of the sample quilt from the pattern:

(doubleclick the photo above to see a larger image)
The designer calls the pattern "Zigzag" - and the sample shows thee quilt made up with a variety of animal prints.  It's adorable!

Last April, at the Australasian Quilt Convention, I bought a large bundle of fat quarters with indigenous Australia-inspired prints - thinking they'd look great with this quilt design.  So I've launched into this project and very quickly had cut up about half of the fat quarters and started working in the zig-zag corners.  Here's an intermediate picture, showing some of the small blocks:
(doubleclick the photo above to see a larger image)
The quilt designer's example uses black for the zig-zag edges.  I like that a lot on the sample quilt, but my prints are already dark, so I opted for burnt orange instead.
And here is a photo showing a handful of the completed blocks lined up to show the zig-zag effect:

I don't want two of the same print too close together, so used the back tray on my longarm to lay the blocks down and begin sorting through which ones go next to what
Once I worked out my rows, I pinned them together and started stitching the blocks together.

So far so good!

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