June 13, 2018

Quilt 11: Trees - DONE!

It took me a while to get around to this one, but I finally did.  Almost 7 years to the day!  Here's my original post about this project: (click here)

I started it in 2011, a design I put together using "leaf" blocks.  I got the top put together, but then got distracted by other projects and ended setting it aside until just recently.

Here's the design:

And here's the finished quilt, laying on the bed.

The forest image just doesn't show up well like this.  But I decided to hang it on the wall of my "quilting room" - and it's spectacular there!
(doubleclick the picture above to see a larger image)
For batting, I just grabbed leftover bits and pieces from other projects and hand-stitched them together.  It took a little time, but I used up a LOT of leftovers and you'd never know where the joins are; the quilting hides them beautifully.

The quilt stitching was done on the longarm using the "Nested C's" pattern I've been experimenting with.  It only took 3 hours to quilt it!  Amazing!

I'm especially pleased to have this on the wall of my "quilting room".  There's no carpeting in there (just a carpet runner I stand on in front of the quilt machine), so having the quilt on the wall gives a little bit of noise-reduction.

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