March 6, 2013

Quilt 15: Top Done and Ready to "Sandwich"

The top to this quilt went together in a flash, once I'd decided on the arrangement of the blocks. Really FAST! As I was assembling it, I made a few changes to the design. Here's the original design:
And here's the finished quilt top:

One of the things I changed was the upper edge of the quilt (over the pillows). I decided not to have the band of smaller blocks (which run around the sides) go across the top. And I slightly altered the width of the side borders because.

Just a couple of small changes, but the results were terrific.

I'm going to have to ring Pauline for her input. I'm not sure what colour thread I want to use for the quilting. I'm thinking a soft brown would work, but she may have better ideas (she usually does).

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