April 10, 2013

Just Couldn't Resist

It could've been a lot worse, a lot. My rotary cutter needed a new blade and I had a $10 gift voucher from Spotlight (customers who are part of their "loyalty program" get one in the mail just before their birthday - and my birthday is coming up). I also needed a couple of other small items, so headed off for a quick stop.

Of course, the rotary cutter blades are in the fabric department - and Spotlight has devilishly arranged their store so you have to walk by the fat quarter table on your way to "notions". There it was - the fat quarter table... like a spider web just waiting.

As I walked by, I noticed that they've got some new prints in there - and curiosity was pulling at me. But I held myself together and scooted on by - got my rotary blade and started to leave. That's when I saw the sign:

"Buy One, Get One Free" 

Oh dear... it was going to be hard walking by that table and not stopping. But hubby Stephen was waiting for me in the car park and I'd PROMISED I'd be quick.

I was fine until I looked down and saw a gorgeous green print laying there - beckoning me. I picked it up and knew I had to have it. But it's "buy one, get one free..." so, yeah... I had to find another one. Fortunately, I found the leafy one within about 20 seconds - or I'd have had to dig deep for the ultimate self-control (which of course you know I don't have... ...not in a fabric department) and leave without any fabric.

And let's face it - if I actually went into Spotlight's fabric dept. and didn't buy something, the store walls would probably collapse from shock.

So I grabbed 'em both and made a dash for the checkout line (remembering Stephen waiting for me in the car). Bizarrely, I'd only been in Spotlight for 5 minutes! Wow! A new landspeed record has been set today!

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