May 22, 2013

Quilt 16: Center Blocks are DONE!

For some reason I ended up procrastinating a bit on finishing the snowball blocks which make up the center of this quilt's design. This quilt isn't a difficult one and I have to admit that it probably should have been finished before now.  Oh well... I let it sit for a couple of days, but finally got myself in gear and whipped through the work. After clipping and pressing the blocks, it only took about a couple of hours to get them stitched together. And here (drumroll, please...) is the result:

As you can see from the design (below), I decided to make the grey corners larger. The reason I did that is that the maroon fabric was going to overpower the tiny grey print. Now that I can see the finished center, I'm very glad I made that adjustment.

Now to attach the borders. The first one will be the dark charcoal "Japanese" style print - just a 2" band of than enclosing the center. Here's the fabrics again - the Japanese one is the one on the right:

After that, successive rows of the maroon and grey - the same fabrics used in the snowball blocks. That part should go fairly quickly!

And now to share the lesson I learned with this one: If I had it to do over, I'd have put a lattice around the snowball blocks. As it sits now, it actually looks more like grey diamonds as a design. An inch-wide lattice would have interrupted the connections between the blocks and given more definition. 

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