July 3, 2013

Best Little Quilt Shop - Part 2

More photos from Florida - sample quilts hanging in "The Quilt Place:

The pastel one (center) below is terribly sweet - I like the way they've combined similar prints in 3 colours (purple, orange, yellow) into one harmonious design. Then I saw the name: "Elizabeth Anne" - Hey! That's MY name!  I also love the stained glass one on the right - and purchased a copy of the pattern for that one.

Here's "Elizabeth Anne" up a little closer:
And this one (below) has a great name: "White Chocolate".  An imaginative use of related neutral prints.

I spotted the stained-glass crazy quilt (below) and snapped a hoto - but then noticed the one hanging below it with the zig-zag border:
Here's that zig-zag again - I'm still studying that border, trying to figure out how they did it.
And now a closeup of that crazy quilt: 
You have to get up close to really appreciate it - each block has hand-stitching to embellish it - and the black lattice (which I think was velveteen... could be wrong, however) is embellished as well.
I don't know what to say about that one except "Wow!"

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