April 22, 2015

Quilt 23: Table Runner (2 of 2) for Kathy and Katherine

Here's the other table runner I'm doing for my friends. This one is in the process of being quilted now, but here's the design:
(Click photo above to view larger image)
The turquiose-with-flowers print is lovely - AND the flowers are Australian native plants, making it an even better souvenir! We bought the fabric without being completely sure of the dimensions Kathy would want for this one. Worrying that I'd come up short, I had them buy a smidge more yardage than I really thought I'd need. As it turns out, though, I've used nearly every scrap.

Below is the full top:

(Click photo above to view larger image)
The binding will be done in the same deep green/gold as the border/edging, and there's enough of the tan/gold (used to in the block "frames") for the backing.

The finished runner is meant to be 63" x 16".

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