July 4, 2018

Crooked Charm Squares

The fabric shop was having a sale and they had some charm square packs marked down REALLY low.  I snapped some up in a hurry.  Should'a looked the pack over carefully, however.

Last week's post was about a quilt top I made with one of those sets.  Some of the squares were cut wrong in that pack.  I went ahead and used them anyway and yeah, the quilt looks fine, really.

But I decided to do the other "plaid" charm square packs I bought and oh, no.  Way too many of them are like this:

Ouch.  I got away with crooked squares in the Orange Mocha quilt - but this one?  No.  Too many squares out of alignment and off way too far.

What to do?

  • cut the squares down and get them all evened up? (nope - too much work and I'm not THAT wild about the plaids)
  • use them as they are? (nope - there's just way too many of them and unlike the previous set, these squares are going to SCREAM "crooked!")
  • use just the ones that are OK? (nope - there won't be enough to make anything I'd want to make)
  • throw them away? (Oh, I hate waste...)
The daughter of a friend has been playing with fabric bits - SHE might enjoy playing with these squares - so I'll give them to her.

And from here out, you can bet I'll be looking more closely at charm square packs before I buy them!

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