July 11, 2018

Quilt 107: Orange Mocha (Sonnet Collection) - DONE!

A couple of weeks ago I posted about a charm square project I started, but ran into trouble when I found that some of the squares in the back had been incorrectly cut (click here to see that post).  All the squares in the pack were fabrics with plaids or stripes - and several were cut at an angle.

After considering the possibilities, I decided to go ahead and make the quilt - and use the crooked-cut squares as-is.  The results turned out fine:
45" x 62" - quilted on the longarm ("Shells" groovy boards) - cotton batting
Yes, you will still see the crooked squares if you look closely, but they don't really scream.  And, after quilting (I used my new "Shells" groovy boards), it looks lovely, even with the imperfections.
(doubleclick the pictures on this page to see a larger image)
The shop where I bought the squares had a great deal on yardage from the same Moda range, so I opted to back it with one of those prints:
(I really wish my camera caught colours better - the backing is just gorgeous!)
I love the "Shells" groovy board pattern.  It took a couple of practice rows before I got a good feel for how the board should be approached.  My stylus wiggles a little in the grooves, and if I'm not careful, I get wiggles in the stitching.  But I worked out how to do it and the results are great.

And, because the "Shells" grooves aren't as dense/close together, it took very little time to complete the quilt.  For this one, just under 3 hours (and that was with thread that kept breaking on me).  Pretty good!

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