March 2, 2011

"So Big"

(... with apologies to Edna Ferber...)

It's been 2 weeks since my "exchange" surgery (removing the temporary breast expanders and replacing them with cohesive silicon gel implants). So far, so good.

The first week I was pretty uncomfortable. Not horribly, but, well, a little. The prescribed pain medication (Endone - and Australian version of Percocet) pretty much took the edge off, but pain medication has it's own problems (feeling woozy and "out of it") so I was glad when I was finally able to keep myself more-or-less OK with just over-the-counter Panadol.

I opted to stay with the larger cup size - and now have "D" cup size breasts. The gel implants have a MUCH nicer shape than the expanders did, so I'm quite pleased. My breasts project upward a little more normal, but the surgeon assures me that they will eventual drop just a bit into a more natural profile. For the moment it's not a bother - I laugh a bit because I have what can reasonably be called "Barbie doll boobs".

My surgeon expressed some concern that I might find this size too large - but happily, that hasn't turned out to be the case. I don't look unnaturally large or overly "buxom" - to the contrary, I think I look kind-of ordinary. And I'm pleased.

Big enough is big enough.

So I'm now 2 weeks post op and feeling better. I'm still not allowed to do much - no heavy lifting, no driving, no lifting my arms above my head (thank heavens the local salon offers hair washing for only about $10 a pop) and so on. Tomorrow I head back to the plastic surgeon and expect to have some of the stitches removed. And hopefully at least the driving prohibition will be lifted.

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