May 3, 2015

MIA in the UFO Closet (Quilt 21)

I guess it's a sign that my UFO closet has grown to epic proportions. Yes, I officially have too much uncut fabric now. And how did I reach that conclusion, you ask? It's the Thanksgiving table cloth I started in 2013, reported in this blog post from November of that year.
(Click the photo above to see a larger image)

It's made of "charm squares" I'd purchased at my favorite quilt supply shop. I pieced it together fairly quickly - at least the center of it - but hadn't gotten around to putting the borders around the edges.

And then it disappeared.

I didn't notice right away that it was gone. The summer of 2013/2014 was a little rugged for us, with a rather trying "fire danger period" - and so I moved most of my UFO closet stash down to the city for safe keeping. I did a little bit of quilting that summer, but was working mostly on piecing things, and so didn't think about the table cloth until winter arrived in June. And I couldn't find it.

WHERE THE HECK WAS IT!?!?!?!  I looked and looked. As I searched, I became painfully aware of how much fabric I actually have - and what a long process it is to go hunting through it for something.

Finally - this past summer, I stopped looking. That, of course, is when it turned up.

So it's back - my "Thanksgiving" project.

Now to put some borders on the tablecloth so that it's big enough to cover my dining table - and get on with the project.

Now... where did I put those Christmas "fat quarters"...?

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