May 10, 2015

The Good, the Bad, the Unfinished (again)

OK - here we go.  All projects I started and actually told you about (yes - there are some I haven't reported...LOL).
  1. Snowball and plain blocks
    Started 2010, completed in 2010
  2. Ohio Star
    Started 2010, completed in 2010
  3. Snowball block kit "Faded Memories" - Julie's birthday prezzie
    Stared 2010, completed in 2010
  4.  On Point Lattice Christmas Quilt

    Started 2012, completed in 2014
    Woops! I never posted a photo of this one as a completed quilt (photo above of the top before sandwiching). Oh well....
  5.  Log Cabin "Cosmos"

    Started in 2010, completed in 2011
  6. Log Cabin "Sunset"

    Started in 2010, completed in 2010
    Somehow I managed not to post a photo of the finished quilt. Hm... well - 2010 was a busy year.
  7. Simple "framed" blocks (baby quilt)
    Started in 2010, completed in 2013
  8. My disaster quilt
    Stared in 2010, and... well, I didn't get far. I think I finally just threw the pieces out. HOWEVER... I've not actually combed through my entire stash of UFO's, so it might still be around to haunt me.
  9. Small throw-sized window panel

    Started in 2010, completed in 2010
  10. Modified Snowball Kit - "Forbidden Temple"

    Started in 2011, completed in 2012
  11. Trees

    Started in 2011, currently ready to sandwich and quilt.
    I didn't realize until setting up this page that I never posted a photo of the completed top. All I've posted is pictures of segments. Well, trust me, the top was assembled in 2011 and has been resting inside a pillowcase since then. Another longarm project!!! 
  12. Egyptian Placemats - wedding gift for Janelle

    Started in 2011, completed in 2012
  13. Japanese print table runner

    Started in 2013, completed in 2013
  14. Civil War Prints - made for friend Julie

    Started in 2012, completed in 2012
  15. William Morris prints

    Started in 2013, but sadly neglected. That's partly because after pinning the darned thing, I discovered some of the blocks weren't aligned properly (you can't see it in this photo - the flaw is subtle). I'm actually considering pulling it apart and doing it over. But oh, my... what a lot of work that would be.
  16. Winter snowblocks (for Kathy & Katherine)

    Started in ?, completed in 2013.
    This project I didn't do the quilting on (which is why the image above just shows the top pre-quilting). We agreed that I'd piece the top and mail it to them (they are in the US) - and they had a friend quilt and finish it.
  17. Tutti Fruity placemats

    Started in 2013, pieced together and waiting on quilting (may be a longarm project, if I can figure out how to load something so small)
  18. Tutti Fruity tablerunner

    Started in 2013, currently MIA
    (hmm... actually... I don't think I actually pieced it together, so it's probably just a pile of charm squares in one of my fabric boxes....)
  19. Tutti Fruity "throw"

    Started 2013, completed 2015
  20. Christmas Charm Squares

    Status: Pieced and ready to sandwich.
    This one is on hold, as about the time I finished it, I started dreaming of having a longarm.
  21. Thanksgiving Charm Squares

    Started 2013, currently being hand quilted.
  22. Table runner #1 for Kathy and Katherine

    Started in 2015, finished in 2015
  23. Table runner #2 for Kathy and Katherine

    Started in 2015, currently sandwiched and awaiting hand-quilting.
  24. Hawaiian Petroglyph tablecloth

    Started in 2015, top is assembled and planning to use this as one of my first longarm projects.
  25. Jelly Roll Blues

    Started in 2012, log cabin blocks assembled, but they've been languishing in my UFO closet ever since. I kind-of lost interest in the project, but have pulled it out as a good candidate for practicing on my longarm. - And I'm debating on whether or not I really want the on-point design I originally envisioned for this one (the blocks in the photo above haven't been stitched together).
So, there you have it. Those are the ones I told you about. Next to catch you up on the projects I haven't mentioned yet.

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